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Talentive is a startup talent and recruiting agency specializing in connecting recent grads or working professionals in the tech industry with little experience and a lot of potential to companies looking for fresh talent. Their mission is to reduce the unemployment rate in the city of Toronto by helping struggling grads establish themselves in the workforce.

Evi Designs was approached with an opportunity to develop the name, branding and website for this brand new startup – a blank slate with which we had creative freedom to create an entire identity.

ClientTalentiveServicesIdentity Naming, Branding, Responsive Website DesignYear2015

What’s in a Name

After extensive research and brainstorming, the name Talentive was created. It means to have potential for talent; perfectly describing the recent grads it strives to promote.

The wordmark is set in all lowercase, for an informal, friendly, approachable feel. The abstract figures around the logo represent groups of people, while the highlighted “i” in the word Talentive signifies finding the right fit amongst many options. Colourful secondary colours were introduced, intended to be used interchangeably throughout the marketing materials for versatility.

Quality Over Quantity

A responsive website was created using the new branding identity that was developed. The colour palette is boldly used throughout, coupled with custom flat icon designs and professional imagery. The homepage features strong messaging that highlights specific qualities rather than experience, education or compensation, addressing what both job seekers and employers are looking for on a higher level.

Calling Cards

The branded business card features a split colour design, dividing the business card in half to represent both audiences that Talentive caters to: the job seekers and the employers. The primary brand colours were used to solidify the new identity.

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